About us


Otrac was founded in 2003 in Hong Kong as a supply chain management company. We initially established ourselves in the global supply chain management industry as a specialist in consumer electronics and later on diversified into FMCG and frozen foods. In the pursuit of global growth, we expanded our presence across Shanghai, Antwerp, Johannesburg, and Mumbai.

As a commitment to Africa, since inception, our focus has always been on managing the complete supply chain from all over the world to the African region. This has enhanced our credibility as a trusted partner for African distributors, wholesalers and retailers.

With a passion for trading, we at Otrac strive to deliver customized supply chain solutions. Our dedication in offering products of the highest quality combined with a service-oriented mindset has created trust and enduring relationships with suppliers and customers.

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Responsibly managing supply chains

Apart from sourcing a wide range of products, we also effectively manage the complete supply chain. From product design and development to final delivery at the customers’ premises, we strive to meet their needs and provide comprehensive solutions at every stage. Our high standard operational procedures and systems are designed and constantly improved to efficiently manage all areas of the supply chain, thus enabling our team members to resolve problems promptly.

Unrivalled expertise

We have over 25 on-site experts, a team of experienced traders, quality inspectors and logistics experts who not only possess an in-depth knowledge of their work but also a deep understanding of their customers’ local markets.

Global presence

Apart from having offices across the world, we also have a global network of agents who work in accordance with our values and principles. They represent Otrac locally and make every effort to find quality-conscious and cost-competitive manufacturers that match the production needs of our customers.